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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One to buy and one to try

Buy Canepa Classico Pinot Grigio, available in most small off-licences and independent wine merchants. Try Chatus, from Les Vigneron Ardechois, available in the Wicklow Wine Company.

Pinot grigio is, of course, pinot gris with an Italian accent. By and large this is not the best combination. While there are some very good pinot grigio wines in Alto Adige (Sud-Tirol) many of those from outside this region are bland, crisp and lacking in fruit. Around the world, pinot grigio is being adopted as a style (although not consistent) of easy-drinking, usually crisp wine. The Canepa Pinot Grigio is Chilean and has a lovely fruity character on both nose and palate, something lacking in many pinot grigios. At €7.95 RRP this is an absolute steal - so go out and buy some!
Chatus is a little-known French grape which has been disappearing from the vinescape since phylloxera. This wine is deeply coloured and fairly firm in style; it tastes softer after decanting. Rich, black fruit make it a good match for steak. Not one to rush out and buy but well worth trying if you're into unusual grapes. Sells at €13.25.

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