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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Biker gang invades Barossa

Reuters and AP: Members of the notorious biker gang, the Wine Cobbers, have been spotted in Australia's Barossa wine region. Local police supremo Inspector Brett O'Micees said a number of major figures from this dangerous gang had been spotted in a local dive, well known for criminal activities. "Yeah, witnesses have described a number of individuals which leads us to believe that gang leaders are here, mate", he said. Apparently shady individuals, known only by nicknames, have been spotted. These include The Bald Eagle, The Magpie and The Foghorn. He also mentioned that the witness statements might be slightly unreliable as a number of bald men, not all the Bald Eagle, were mentioned. "Yeah, we're not sure about that one, but there has been drinking on a heavy scale and witnesses have overheard talk of petrol, kerosene, TDN and bombs, mate.", he said. He also pointed out that a number of figures from other bike gangs had been seen such as Eyebrows Jim, a long-standing godfather figure in the biker world. When pressed as to how the situation might develop he said "Yeah, we're worried that a few real nutters might turn up, including Van the Woman and Adelaide Crowser - these are really volatile and are likely to throw acid and stuff around, mate. We're really worried because we also believe that Mad Dog Paddy is already here. With that mad Irishman and this lot together we could be in trouble, mate."
An Interpol Liaison Officer from France, Inspector Vigneron, has pointed out that while he would like to have them all locked up and the keys thrown away this can't be done since they didn't arrive on bikes and, therefore, have not contravened Australia's anti-bike gang laws. "Its so difficult being hampered by legislation, mon ami" he said.

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